In Home Care

Sometimes we need someone to come alongside of us to help with navigating disabilities, and assist with day to day life. Always There Counseling provides services of support and assistance with mental illness within the home for individuals who require it. 

These services provide Qualified Mental Health Professionals who meet with individuals in their home and assist them with daily living tasks such as money management/budgeting, medication management, symptom management, shopping, socialization and accessing leisure activities in the community and accessing medical and psychiatric appointments. 

If in-home services are something that you or a family member might need or require simply comlete the online form and someone will contact you within 24 hours to set up a consultation and assess needs. Services can then be scheduled on a regular and weekly basis to ensure consistent support and assistance with the mental health needs at hand. All in home professionals have completed an extensive background check and are insured providing you the comfort of knowing you can trust them.  

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