About Always There Counseling

Always There Counseling is committed to providing only the best possible services and making those services accessible and confidential. It is difficult to admit we need help, but we all need help sometimes and our mission is to help everyone feel comfortable with counseling and be able to receive the treatment they need without fear, shame, guilt or judgement.

Always There Counseling was born out of years of work with state and federal programs for individuals with severe mental illness. We have seeen regulations and required procedures often keep people from accessing services that could change their lives. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who needs support, counseling, therapy and mental health treatment can access it and live healthy and functioning lives. Always There Counseling can provide treatment that is individualized and meets the needs of the client. No one has to fit into a particular requirement or one mental health mold, instead the client can direct their treatment and get what is needed for them to be successful.