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Simply complete the application,set up your Patient account. You will then be able to select your Counselor and choose from Live Video Sessions, Face-to-Face Counseling, In-home Mental Health Support,and Online Group Therapy sessions. Selections are based on your individual needs, schedule, budget and availability.

Counseling will be provided at the level of care that you select for a one time or weekly fee. Clients who login to their account may choose their therapist or counselor they wish to receive services from. It is important to select the right match for YOU. Counseling can be accessed via the internet from the comfort of your home or office or even during your lunch break. Online and chat/text therapy is perfect for teens and working individuals with busy schedules who are constantly on the go. Video therapy can help those who have difficulty getting out, or individuals who may be embarassed about asking for help. In-home mental health support can assist those who are elderly or disabled, with reducing depression and anxiety, and provide opportunities for socialization and activities. Whatever your need is, Always There Counseling can help provide the support, encouragement, treatment and services necessary to make life a little easier!

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